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LaggerFTW2 meses ago11232 min

The mythic Lance Priebe aka. RocketSnail gives a warm welcome to his new born game Box Critters.


Box Critters is a new virtual world based on the popular game Club Penguin, now with totally different characters that are called “Critters”. At the moment we have very charismatic characters: Hamsters with a big smile!



RocketSnail has started the journey of this virtual world with a first experiment consisting of a room set on a pirate ship with several interesting things that our friends hamsters have fun with while waiting for their arrival in their new home.


We are still waiting for a new update that will bring us new things to discover, rumor says that items will be added.



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  • Vanilla

    febrero 18, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    First post on this website! 😀


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